"Fantastically Functional Footwear"

Pedors is an award winning orthopedic shoe company that provides Pedorthic Orthopedic Solutions.

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Pedors - Mary Jane II - Women's

The MJ2 has a classically elegant style with all the comfort associated with the Pedors brand.

Pedors - Men's -Stretch

The Pedors Classic Black 600 shoe is the original Pedors orthopedic shoe. Therapeutic shoes are usually wide shoes or extra wide shoes with removable shoe insoles so that the shoe can accommodate inserts or custom orthotics. The Pedors Classic is often used when fitting for Diabetic Shoes. The seamless stretch forfoot design make the Classic an excellent choice of footwear for both people with diabetes and / or arthritis.

Pedors - Walker Stretch - Women's - Lace

The white lace up stretch walker has plenty of depth for custom orthotic and for an ankle foot orthosis or AFO. AFO's provide additional ankle support to help improve balance and reduce the risk of fall. The lace up version of the shoe works better than the double velcro colusre as the lacing is better suited to allow for an adaptive fit.

Pedors - Walker Stretch - Women's - Strap

The white touch closure Stretch Walker shoes are a popular atheltic diabetic shoes for women. Available in wide, extra wide and extra extra wide widths the 801 can accommodate insoles for flat feet or orthotic inserts for arch support, heel pain or plantar fasciiitis. The 801 are popular walking shoes for women who need shoes for swollen feet.