Pedors - Classic - Women's - Strap

The Pedors Classic Black 600 shoe is the original Pedors orthopedic shoe.
Manufacturer: Pedors

The key design feature is that the shoe is able to accommodate all of the foot and thus ensure total foot comfort.  The specially formulated proprietary seamless upper can stretch where needed and be molded when necessary to accommodate the most demanding bunion, corn, hammertoe or other forefoot deformity to avoid discomfort or even pain.  The Classic comes with an EVA insole which is a ¼ inch thick to provide extra “plantar” or sole cushioning.  This extra depth feature can also accommodate either a functional or dynamic custom orthosis or a protective comfort prefabricated insert   when necessary.

The adjustable single touch closure strap makes the shoe easy to put on and take off and easy and to adjust over the course of the day when swelling is present.

Light weight and machine washable (the Classic comes with wash bag and washing machine instructions) the Classic is available in full and half sizes and three widths – the  80 plus “off-the-shelf” sizes ensure that the Classic is as close to a custom molded shoe you can get at an affordable price

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